Sunday, September 16, 2007

FALLAS!!!!- one week in April

I didn’t know anything at all about Fallas before I got to Spain. It’s a week long festival honoring Saint Joseph in which huge ninot structures are displayed in the city. These were traditionally made of wood but are now made of synthetic materials- and are multiple stories high. At the end of Fallas, all except the best ninot, which is kept in a museum, is burned. There are also series of parades every day and night, fireworks everywhere, and Fallera girls (the Spanish equivalent of beauty queens here) walk around in their Fallera clothing. There’s a lot more to the experience, but it’s something you need to see to understand. My Spanish suitemates went CRAZY during Fallas, and as incredible as it was, I was relieved when it was over, because I was just tired and wanted to sleep through the night. The fireworks there are a lot more about sound than sight, and when they went off your whole body shook.

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